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Hello from Linda...

Here we are getting ready for another spring (late!) and summer at Tripp.  While raking the front lawn, I was pondering what John and I need to do to be proactive in protecting our lake.  Almost every week in my Grateful Journal I write how lucky I am to live here on Tripp Lake year round, travel only a short distance to my work and have such wonderful neighbors! 

I remember when, at one stretch during our 34 Tripp years, I was trying to find employment and I told John and daughters, “I will rent a helicopter to commute before I will ever move away from here.”    Where else do you see the variety of birds and mammals, or hear the brooks and peepers or meet such kind people?  Three of my neighbors do daily checks for neighbors who are shut-in;  the Chesleys judged the Grade Four essays;  daughter Alison and her Steve moved in to enjoy the Lake (they love to fish!) ;  Carl Tripp, Jr. and wife Marsha are back on his homestead and keep us up on the eagle passing by or the fisher or the tracks of (you fill in the blank _____,)and then a visit with Don and Ellen Keene is such fun, listening to their stories of yesteryear.  In this issue, check out the official list of ice-outs on our lake beginning in 1924 (Don’s records).  How about having an annual contest guessing next spring’s ice out!  We could place our guess in a box at the annual Meeting and see who is the closest.

Now on to the list of what to do to stop/slow down erosion and to use best management practices for pollution control.  Seed over any bare ground spots.  Test your soil before using fertilizers.  Call Androscoggin Extension Service at 1-800-287-1458 or AVSWCD at 783-9196 or, on the web, for soil test kit.  Use phosphorus-free fertilizer.  Leave mowers on highest settings.  Plant a buffer strip between your structure and the lake.  Leave plants growing along lake.  Sweep up road sand. Clean out ditches and culverts.  Wash vehicles, etc., far from the lake and use 0% phosphorus detergents.  Keep dogs from lake.  Don’t feed wildlife.  Check boats, trailers and motors for clinging plants before and after each use.  Note where Purple Loosestrife is growing and be ready this summer to remove it.  Plan on Father’s Day to plant a native tree or shrub.  I have quite a TO-DO list.  Do you?

Lastly, visit your neighbors and talk.  Keep Tripp Lake clean.  Ask them to join us at the Annual Meeting.  Call or visit Judy and me this summer!      Linda



Spring is here and Summer will be here before we know it. Dell and I spent the first weekend of May on the lake visiting with Gae and Ed Hinkley. We started the process of re-opening our cabin. This always takes us a few weekends. Hopefully, we will be opened by Memorial Day.  I will be settling in for the summer when school gets out on June 16th. I can’t wait!  

This year I will be the official Tripp Lake  T-shirt sales person. Come on over and buy a cap, sweatshirt or T-shirt at 154 Jordan Shore Drive. Store opens June 17th!

                I still plan on getting some social activities organized so that the lake people get to know each other. On Sunday, July 13th, Paula Smith and I will host a Newcomers Brunch at Paula’s cabin -35 Garland Swamp Road. 11:00-1:00. RSVP  998-3276. If you are new to the Lake or just feel that you don’t know any one, please join us.

                As far as the workshop series is concerned… Paula will be leading a Knitting workshop in July.(call me for date and time).  I will be doing a children’s Tie-Dye workshop on Saturday, July 19th , at 1:00 p.m. on my deck. (rain date July 20th) Bring a white T-shirt. Volunteer adults needed. We hope to organize a crafts workshop, a cabin upkeep/pump repair workshop, planting around the Lake workshop, and more children’s events. We need volunteers. Please give me a call if you can help.

                Our annual family picnic is scheduled for Sunday, August 17th, at the Girl’s Camp. Any ideas on how we can make this event better, please let me know. Join the planning committee. First meeting is immediately following the Annual Meeting on July 12th at Ricker Library.

                I need some volunteers to serve on a short term committee to help design a “Tripp Lake” custom throw. Give me a call after June 16th.

                Women wanted for mid-week outings! I would like to start a Red Hat Society group at Tripp Lake. The Red Hat Society is a group of women over 50 and their younger friends (Pink Hats) who get together to have fun and laugh together.  Usually the group goes out to lunch at a local restaurant or to another event. All participants wear a red hat (pink ones for those under 50)—the more outlandish the better! Our first meeting will be Wednesday, July 2nd, at my cabin—154 Jordan Shore Drive .

                Please contact me if you have any ideas or if you want to join us for any of the activities.

Home phone (508)238-8124 .  My cabin phone should be connected about June 1st (207) 998-3276

                                                See you soon----Judy King


Volume 8, Issue 2

Editor-In-Chief: Babs Shapiro
Advertising: Ed Hinkley
Photos: Babs Shapiro, Rick Lindstedt, Gerry Tinkham, Richard Barry
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