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Letter from the President

by Babs Shapiro

We could invoke biblical images of the plagues when we refer to this past summer. In June, monsoon-like Rains seriously hampered our first fund-raiser, the Yard Sale. Water levels were higher than I remember in years. Docks and boats floated off, some never to be seen again. At our end of the Lake( the shallow end) children swam in deep water just a few feet from shore. We created a harbor, mooring the boats where the beach formerly existed.

Then came July and August, beautiful months, when nary a drop did fall. Droughts brought fear of forest fires.

As a result, we suffered from an over-abundance of Spiders, Flies and Caterpillars. The squeamish ate indoors or covered their heads with broad-brimmed hats and food with netting.

The very end of the season, Columbus Day weekend, brought us full circle. Rain, rain, rain.

But in between the plagues, it was a wonderful summer. I loved walking Jordan Shore Drive on the last weekend in July, watching families enjoy the Lake as it’s meant to be: swimming, water-skiing, sailing, relaxing and just plain having fun! That’s what it’s all about.

And that’s why I relish the fact that our Demonstration Project is progressing, to keep this treasured spot healthy and viable for generations to come. We’re finally getting down to brass tacks: how to combat some of the 87 areas of NPS (non-point source pollution) which we identified during the Watershed Survey four years age. I’m impatient to see results, yet we’re told the first year is information, education and initial projects. Next year we hope to accomplish much more. Many took advantage of technical assistance this year; we hope even larger numbers will request it next. Fill out those Blue cards and send them in.


The TLIA proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary. We welcome your ideas and support.

Volume 4, Issue 2
Editor-In-Chief: Babs Shapiro
Contributors: Rick Lundstedt, John Laskey
Assistant Ediors: John & WendyWebber
Photos: Gae Hinkley, Babs Shapiro
Advertising: Ed Hinkley