TLIA News Spring 2006
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Having so little snow cover this winter, I am amazed how well flowering shrubs are showing their color, though it may be harder on bulbs in low-lying areas. However, last fall’s heavy rains, which flooded many areas in and around your cottages, gave us all quite a time. According to Town officials, Tripp Lake reached the highest levels in a decade. John and I phoned the Town for help after the lake rose 18- 24 inches above normal. Thanks to more calls from Bill Henderson, Mike Shapiro, Russ Moat and Dick Harris, we were able to get their attention. The town manager and the road foreman discovered the outlet had been blocked with beaver dams, debris and was home to several beavers. When all were removed, the lake lowered considerably. Presently, May’s good soaking rains have filled the water table and dampened the dry woods, bringing us back to a balance.

This could be my special word for you and me: balance. Try to find time to rest within work schedules. Stop daily to see what nature provides while getting the land and cottage ready for this season. Help your neighbor clean out ditches and culverts so only clean water goes into the lake. Wait a minute and take some pictures of what our lake means to you and your family. Have some fun after a big work project, as Judy and Dell King do. Check out what our year’s focus is and do your part. Think of what you can do to keep TLIA on the move to preserve Tripp Lake. We need you, your ideas and your enthusiastic balance of recreation and conservation.



It’s been a busy fall and winter. I continue to work for Milton Public Schools in Massachusetts. This year I’ve become the early childhood coordinator for the town. I still teach about ten hours per week, but most of my time is spent administering the program. Dell is semi-retired and works part time as a rehab counselor for Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission. Our big news is that our daughter Samantha is getting married in August. Terry Hurley proposed at the Franklin Park Zoo with the gorillas as witnesses. (Not as weird as it seems…Sam has loved all monkeys since she was little.) So, needless to say, I will be distracted this summer as I plan and prepare for the wedding. Bear with me, please! Linda and I continue to work together to plan activities that will help  ensure that the Tripp Lake environment stays pristine.

 WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! We need someone who can scuba dive to assess the area around the boat ramp. We need to discover if there are any invasive plants being brought into our lake in that area. It’s a prime area of concern. If you can, please volunteer to help with this project. Don’t worry if you don’t know what the plants look like...we’ll help you. Training in plant recognition is also available. We need someone to go down and look. We also continue to need people to spot Purple Loosestrife. If you’ve any of these pretty purply-pink flowers growing on your waterfront, let us know and we’ll help you remove them. They may be pretty, BUT they are invasives which can impact the quality of our lake. I’ll be opening the TLIA Store on June 26.This will be my last year as shopkeeper for “TLIA Tee’s, Caps and Things” because my four-room cabin is really too small for our inventory. We need a volunteer to take over the sales….I’m willing to help anyone interested. It’s fun to run the store because you meet so many great lake folks who stop to make purchases. For the past two years we’ve had some vandalism to our property. Last year, all our solar lights were stolen; this year, someone destroyed wooden decorative ducks attached to our deck railings. Neither was valuable, but the ducks had been hand made by Bill Bentley (carpenter extraordinaire) and hand painted by yours truly. If anyone has had any vandalism, let me know and we’ll see what we can do about it. Call me at 998-3276.