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I could tell you how long, cold and snowy the lake winter was.  I could tell you that we have had so much rain this spring that Johnís gazebo was an island,  with two mallards living on the lawn for two weeks, but that would be old news.  Iím so looking forward to seeing you all back on Tripp and do hope the warm season arrives soon.


During the fall and winter, I collect information to pass on to you.  Iíve met with the Poland High School science teacher, Michelle Garcia, spoken to her students and helped plan her spring field work which will help us.  I set up the essay contest with the Poland Community School fourth-grade teachers and motivated the students to try for the scholarship to the Maine Conservation School.  I also stayed in touch with the Town Assessors, Code Enforcement Staff and Road Foreman.  Itís great when someone calls for information about Tripp Lake and becomes a new property owner. 

 Judy stays in touch and we made plans for our Board of Directors meeting in April where we chose a goal for the year.  May and June bring us to the tasks of adding to the Newsletter and preparing for our annual Meeting.  Wait Ďtill you see what we have in store for you!

 Remember to call, stop by at 76 Megquier Hill or e-mail me at with any ideas, concerns or questions.  We are hoping to have more of you join us on a special topic or job.




Iím writing this while sitting on a dock on Chesapeake Bay.  Dell and I are staying at a delightful B&B on Solomonís Isle, Maryland.  Itís April vacation and Iím savoring the beautiful weather down here.  Itís been a long winter with way too much snow and Iíll have to teach Ďtill June 29th, due to all those snow days. Ugh!  But, twenty feet off the end of the dock is an osprey nest and  Iím enjoying watching two magnificent birds taking turns sitting on their nestÖso very close.

Iím looking forward to going back to my favorite place, Tripp Lake.  Iíve finally completed the TLIA ďthrowĒ which will be for sale this season.  Iíll be selling them along with ďT-shirts and ThingsĒ from my cabin, 154 Jordan Shore Drive.  The Store opens officially on July 1 unless you catch me some weekend before that.   

 Barbara Perreault is the purveyor of the Tripp Lake photo, an  aerial shot of the lake.  It come in several sizes, from a 4x6 to poster size and is a perfect gift for all lake lovers.  Call, write or e-mail her for prices:  6 Church St., Byfield, MA 01922, Tel: (978) 462-4279 or (207) 998-2598 or

 Linda and I have stayed in touch via e-mail during the long, harsh winter.  Sheís always so vigilant about protecting the lake:  I learn so much from her about the environment.  Weíre very lucky to have both Linda and John Laskey working together protecting the quality of our lake.

 This year I plan to put a bulletin board on a tree on the lakeside of Jordan Shore Drive, across from my cabin.  As you walk by, you can read ďWhatís HappeningĒ around the lake.  Feel free to add any items of interest.

bulletRed Hat Ladies---Planning Meeting at noon on July 1.
bulletPoker Players Pot Luck---July 6th at 7 p.m.
bulletFamily Progressive Dinner---Saturday, July 30th, at 7 p.m.
bulletPicnic---Sunday, August 7th, at Hemlock Campground.




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