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As I write to you, I am arguing with John about ice-out day.  I say April 16, but he and West Poland purist Don Keene say April 17.  As the kids say, “whatever,” it is spring!  Even with the brook frozen so solid that March rain runoff had no place to go but over the icy brook pack and into the cellar, with my washer broken and tenants in crisis,  #1)…frozen cellar drain so water filled cellar, #2)

…hot water coil on furnace plugged with mineral deposits…no hot water until part came in.  John and I went crazy, but never did it enter our minds that we wished we lived someplace else.  We love our corner of the earth beside Tripp Pond. 

You must feel the same.The newspaper said today that with wetter than normal months in fall and winter, we are not under drought.  You will find the lake level very high at this time.  Two loons are back by the boat ramp cove and a pair of mallard ducks is cavorting.  I haven’t noted the eagle yet, but John and Allyson watched him/her grab a fairly large fish swimming next to them by her beach.  Got their attention and respect, I tell you. 

 For going on thirty years, people have seen the need to have a strong Association to learn, impart awareness and be involved in volunteerism to preserve this valuable resource for us and for future generations.  Remember…Babs Shapiro was motivated to act after having read in a COLA draft (8-16-96) that Tripp was listed as #195 out of 217 Maine Lakes Most at risk from Development in the next 25 years If things weren’t done to reverse this trend..  Because so much building is going on in the watershed, we need your help so we can continue our work.  Can you give some time this summer or fall to assist a committee, visit a neighbor, help clean up areas and collect Purple Loosestrife in August,  or whatever you can do? Who will receive THE BABS SHAPIRO AWARD or the COMMUNITY AWARD this year?

 I attended a new group called the Lakes Associations Group which grew out of Phoebe Hardesty’s goal of bringing together folks from nearby lakes with common problems.  This time we discussed the role of Code Enforcement Officers and how to improve our working together.  Members from Thompson, Allen Sabattus, Greene, Tripp and Lake Auburn heard four CEO’s suggest ways to improve cooperation.  It was very helpful and I will give the resulting handout at the Annual Meeting on July 10.

 Great news from Poland Regional H. S.!  I found a fine teacher who will be bringing ten students to do a Service Learning Project if they receive permission from property owners on Jordan Shore Drive. (See article elsewhere in this issue.)

 Scott Segal, Poland’s first Recreation Director,  and I are working together to run a swimming program for a couple of weeks this summer at the Public Beach.  A special area will be marked for this period.  Licensed instructors will teach fundamentals.  Is there a member who could loan a float which could be anchored there?  In this issue will be a registration form for those wishing to sign up youngsters.

 The fourth graders at Poland Community School will have worked on their essays titled, “Why I would like to attend Maine Conservation Camp and what I would bring back to my community.”  TLIA members Marion and Claire Chesley will have chosen the two winners to the contest.  They will go to MCC this summer for a week-long stay to learn all about the environment in a happy way.  TLIA pays $375 for each child, with the parent paying $25.  Thank you all for voting to continue this important educational outreach for our future citizenry.

 Your Directors and Officers met on May 1 to plan summer events and formulate the agenda for the Annual Meeting.  Please call or write any or us at any time with your ideas, questions,  comments or concerns.  In the meantime, enjoy this Newsletter and mark your calendar for Saturday, July 10 at the Ricker Memorial Library.  Coffee and donuts are served at 8:30, the meeting begins at 9.  Bring your family, guests and neighbors to meet us.  Maggie Shannon, Congress of Lakes Associations (COLA) executive director will visit to tell of her work and upcoming legislation.  We will take your dues, sell you raffles and have the briefest business session we can muster so you can listen to our guest speaker, Michael Fralich, nature writer and New Gloucester teacher.   If you read his column in the New Gloucester News, you probably sense that he not only talks the environmental talk, but also “walks the walk.”  ‘Till I see you, have a safe and happy summer.




I hope all’s well with all you lake dwellers.  We should be back to enjoy our beautiful lake, loons and sunsets soon.

I continue to teach preschoolers with special needs in Milton, Ma.  I’ve had a great year working with these sweet little ones and their parents. 

But…I do so look forward to my summer on the lake with Dell, Precious (our calico cat) and Mrs. Calabash (our mischievous cocker spaniel.)  Last year, when we went to the May Board meeting, we bought the cocker on a whim.  This year, I had to promise Dell that no more pets would be added to our home.

 Talking about Dell, he officially retired on October 1, got called back, and finally stopped working on April 29.  This summer will be his first whole summer on the lake and he can’t wait.  Neither can I !

 Linda and I continue to work together trying to fill Babs Shapiro’s shoes.  Linda is the environmentalist on our team and I try to be the social secretary.  Last summer I met and talked to many people who live on the lake.  This year I hope to meet many more or you.  My door is always open to listen to your ideas and try to answer (or find the answer) to your questions.  I try to leave messages about happenings on our lake answering machine;  to find out what activities are scheduled,  just call 998-3276 and give a listen.  Phone should be turned on from June 1 to October 1.

 I will continue to sell “Tripp Lake Tees and Things” from my living room.  Either call or drop by and leave your order.  All items will be available at the Annual Meeting on July 10.  My store is officially opened on July 1.

 Volunteers are needed to help with these summer activities:


Newcomers Brunch---July 11, 11-1, at Judy King’s.


Boat Safety Demonstration & Races/  Canoe-Kayak Day (date TBA).


Tie Dye Workshop for kids---July 17.


Jordan Shore Drive “Walk for the Fun of it”---July 17.


Nature Crafts Workshop for kids---July 24.


Bird-a-Thon---July 10 through August 10 (he/she who spots most species of birds on lake wins a prize.)


Family Picnic---Hemlock’s Campground (date TBA).

 I’ll have a flier with all scheduled activities available at the Annual Meeting as was requested last year.

 I’m still working on the Tripp Lake throw.  I’ve had some great suggestions from people around the lake.  I can’t incorporate all your ideas but will try to include as many as possible.  My goal is to have it available by the Annual Meeting.

 Any other ideas???  Please let me know.



Volume 10, Issue 1

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