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by Babs Shapiro

This year has been full of surprises: a nearly non-existent early winter, then snow in February, March and April. As I write this, (April 29) heavy wet flakes have been falling for three days, coating all blooming things. Mother Nature’s fertilizer, the farmers say.

Maine has been in the throes of a drought, along with many other parts of the country. Last Fall, it appeared we’d be discovering articles lost in the lake 50 years ago. Fortunately, recent rain and snow have somewhat alleviated the situation and the lake level is much higher than anticipated.

Docks and boats, flowers and summer people will soon be materializing. We rake, scrub and remodel, anticipating the short, but sweet summertime.

Our Organization is well and thriving. Membership is up, but we always need more. (My personal goal is 120, a magical number). Those who don’t yet belong and are reading this, please take time to fill out the enclosed membership envelope. $15 isn’t a lot to pay to support the Lake Association. All who live on the lake must help in maintaining it, not just a few. The cost of testing increases each year. This Newsletter costs money. Winning grants and repaying portions of them are valid, necessary expenses. Lakes don’t take care of themselves any longer, nor does the State provide aid. We’re a non-profit group dedicated to protecting and preserving Tripp Lake. If you’re a resident, part-time or year-round , it behooves you to belong. Please join us.

The long-awaited Lake and Watershed Management Plan contract has been approved, signed and sealed. An introductory meeting was held on April 23 with ten members/ Townspeople in attendance, a fine beginning. Scott Williams and Phoebe Hardesty addressed the group, explaining the why’s and wherefore’s of the Plan. Following on the heels of our successful Watershed Survey and Demonstration Project, the focus of this project will be maintaining and improving the quality of water in our lake. It’s a continuation of our previous efforts, but this time more explicit and inclusive. There will be more meetings throughout the next year and a half and we want as many people as possible to participate. Please join us. The date of the next meeting is listed on the Calendar section of this Newsletter.

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Invasive plants and Purple Loosestrife. Prevention and elimination are necessary. We must learn to identify and carefully uproot these noxious weeds which replace native plants beneficial to the lake. Articles and information abound. Be aware. Come to our Annual meeting and learn more.

The Poland Lakes have won a requisition for $10,000 from the Town of Poland to fight the Milfoil threat. The Range Ponds Association requested the funding and we’re grateful for their efforts. We’ll know more on how it’s to be used in the weeks to come.

We need new leadership. Being President has been a gratifying experience and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve enjoyed meeting so many new people and have thrived on seeing what we’ve accomplished. But new blood brings new ideas. I’ve served for eight years, and will continue to help in whatever way I can. Slots for President, Vice-President and a new Board Member are now open; a nominating committee has been formed to seek candidates. What’s needed? Committment. A love of the lake. Enthusisam. The rest follows easily. If you’re called, or if you’d like to discuss the possibility, please let me know.

Low tide at Tripp Lake - Fall, 2001

We’ve already found volunteers to chair specific jobs and we’ll continue to find more. This will help the new leaders immensely. Co-presidents are a definite possibility. (Range Ponds Association already has them). Sharing a job always make the load lighter. Think about it. I’ll be there to pave the way for a year with whomever takes these jobs.

Many thanks to all for your support and dedication in keeping Tripp a healthy, viable lake. You are great!


Volume 8, Issue 1

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