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By Babs Shapiro

May 4: Linda Laskey writes that she’s spotted a loon and has been serenaded by whippoorwills and peepers. People have been using the Public Beach on these first hot days, though water still covers the beach. Boats and kayaks have been spotted on the lake. The moat surrounding their gazebo is slowly settling and the grass is visible. John’s busy getting boats ready for summer.


The long winter, with deeper snow and thicker ice than we’ve seen in many a year, has finally melted with the warm breath of spring. The sweetness of summer is in the air, and with it comes a call for activity, a necessary part of this short, golden season.

We’ve done a lot these past few years, but much more needs to be done: continuing education, preventing NPS (non-point source pollution)and eradicating invasive plants. With this in mind, our Board decided to apply for funding to develop a long-range watershed management plan.

It will be necessary to organize our goals and objectives and implement strategies to deal with them. We’ll need to document these ideas, describing what we value. This will ultimately become a framework within which we can work, a fluid, living document which will aid us in protecting that which is most precious to us…the lake and the quality of its water.

If the grant is approved, we’ll be notified in July. If not, we’ll re-apply in 2002. Our work will begin in earnest the following April and continue for several years.. We’ll need many volunteers to brainstorm, conduct research and attend meetings. Be prepared to help us out.

There never seems to be a shortage of dire predictions when it comes to environmental issues. Besides global warming (one of the more ominous threats) a real scare is from invasive aquatic plants. These are fast-growing water weeds that are not natural to lakes and ponds, and if not discovered or left unchecked, can wreak havoc with bodies of water. Of the 11 species of milfoil that are of concern, Eurasian milfoil is the most insidious. Once a body of water is infested with this weed, it can literally choke it.

So far, no known infestation of Eurasion milfoil is in Maine (the only State east of the Continental Divide not yet affected). However,Variable leaf milfoil has been identified in several Maine lakes. Though not as aggressive as Eurasian, it can grow rapidly and out-compete native plants. Variable milfoil has been identified in Thompson Lake, Lake Auburn, some Sebago Lake tributaries and in the passageway between Pleasant Lake and Parker Pond. Some of these passageways have been closed to boat traffic to prevent its spread.

And so, the invasive plant issue must be addressed and re-addressed. Milfoil initiatives should be developed to prevent spread of this "exotic" plant. This challenge faces each lake association, fish and game club, town and boater. Since boats are the primary way in which plants spread from one lake to another, plant pieces carried on boats, motors, trailers and fishing gear can lead to disaster. Preventing the spread of this plant is so important that bills are currently before legislature which would impose steep fines on individuals who transport these plants into Maine. We’ve warning signs at the boat launch but must be diligent in informing others that hitch-hiking plants are illegal and dangerous.

The good news is we’re up and running!. We’re celebrating 28 years as an organized group with more involved members than ever. . We’ve engaged interesting speakers for our annual meeting on July 14. A great social is planned for August 18 at Tripp Lake Camp. We’ll be attacking Purple Loosestrife this summer. We’re sending two youngster to summer camp. A new sign will be erected at the Public Beach this summer, sponsored by TLIA and the organizations which helped us conduct Demonstration Project #319. Fund-raising continues.

Rejoice in our dedication to protect and preserve this valuable resource. Help us by joining us. Thanks!

Volume 7, Issue 1

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