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by Babs Shapiro

The winter months seem to shorten each year. Didn’t we just pull in the dock, rake autumn leaves and sprinkle mothballs? Cross-countried only once…the ice didn’t thicken until January and started to thin in March. And now it’s May. The camp’s been swept, water’s back on and beds are made. In fact, the Misenheimer’s get the prize for "first dock in." On this summer-like weekend, others follow like dandelions. True summer and all its warmth will soon be here.

We’re also heading down the home stretch of our Demonstration Project 319. Having identified 87 areas of erosion around the Lake three years ago, we took a deep breath and decided to attack…find funding, start learning and begin the restoration process. The Grant was "granted" and with it the obligation to repay a portion with labor and cash.

And so we developed fund-raising, a new concept for our small group. We sold advertising, had a yard sale, held raffles, sold tee shirts and caps and increased our membership, dues and donations. We even have a website ( and are linked to the DEP! We’ve been most fortunate in achieving many of our goals.

However, the biggest challenges still lie ahead. We must utilize our new-found knowledge and strive to continually improve our properties with buffering and Best Management Practices.

This summer we’ll begin with several demonstration projects at sites around the lake. They’ll be open for inspection for several years and everyone is urged to visit them, see what can be done and adapt the best solutions to our own properties. Fill out those blue technical assistance cards while help is free! Ask questions, get advice and take advantage of every opportunity that’s offered. BMP pamphlets, full of practical suggestions, are being prepared by LWRMA and will be distributed to everyone in the watershed by July.

It’s been an exciting few years. The best is yet to come. With proper stewardship, Tripp Lake will remain a treasure…a viable, valuable resource for all.

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Winter time through the trees looking from Rt. 11 to the lake