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Hello to everyone from the south end of our special place in the world—Tripp Lake. 

 John monitored the lake water for the next-to-last time (late September, ’03) and said water was murky but dissolved oxygen was good.  He’s presently busy winterizing over one hundred boat motors while I try to think of how to report on our first year in office.  All I know is that time really moves from March through September.  Here is what I learned.

Wow, #1!  There is always so much print to read…local news to Androscoggin Valley Soil & Management news, to State and National initiatives, to your e-mails.  Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

 Wow, #2!  Our members and officers do so much for TLIA.  It’s pretty special to work for and with such nice people who are committed to improving our watershed.  We only have to ask and they say “Yes.”  Now I  need to figure my next plan:  how to find a vehicle for discovering your hidden talents and expertise to help fill in our committees and run our activities.  Any ideas?

 Wow, #3!  I met so many new folks who want to pitch in and make our Association grow.   Babs Shapiro and I were thrilled that you’d been  meeting your neighbors and had invited them to the Annual Meeting or to some lake activity.  Your enthusiasm has resulted in twenty new members!  We do need help in making sure that we have your correct lake and mailing addresses, e-mail addresses as well as summer and winter telephone numbers.  Please e-mail or write Paula Smith if you have any updates or changes.  Her e-mail is and her home address is 81 Renfrew St. Arlington, MA 02174.

Co-president Judy King listens to Co-pres. Linda Lasky read a poem about lakes at the Annual Meeting

Wow #4!  It’s been an honor to take time to sit on our Memorial Bench at the Public Beach and see so many residents and visitors enjoying Tripp.  I met a special woman, Jessa Michaels, who took a particular interest in the Beach, helping clean and care for it during her daily visits.  Some young men from Thompson Lake’s Youth Conservation Corps helped with new plantings in late August and did some Purple Loosestrife removal as well.  I was blessed to work beside veteran and new workers during our Annual Lake Cleanup Day.  And I was tickled pink that so many took time to attend our Annual Meeting and the Family Picnic.  As Gerri Tinkham says, “ We must attract the next generation and new young families in order for them to become active members and help us carry on.”

 And, Wow #5!  Lastly, I learned so much this Spring ; reading articles, updates and attending June conferences, from the young people’s essays to the “ I- caught -you -doing- something- good- for -Tripp Lake” awards.  I listened to each and every lake conversation all summer.  And I watched so many new people enjoying their first year on the lake.   Special thanks to my family, to Judy and Dell King, to Babs Shapiro and to the Board of Directors for all their help in this, our first learning year.   …  Linda



Well…another summer has passed and I had to go back to work.  Although this was a rainy summer, we still had a good time with friends on Tripp Lake.  Each year I meet more people and hear about how they love Tripp.  Linda and I continue to work together to learn about our lake.  This summer we used all social events as a means to share knowledge and discover information about how to help our lake.  Everyone has ideas and different information to offer.

The outings with the “Red Hot Mamas” (Red Hat Society) ended up as a time for sharing ideas on how to improve our lake.  This group of great women is committed to keeping our lake a beautiful place (as well as having fun together).

 We had a Drum Circle on my deck led by Howie Sherman (a music therapist and a new home-owner on Jordan Shore Drive) that ended in a  discussion about the discovery of a man-made dam beyond the Cove and what should be done about it.  The “Walk for the Fun of It” brought people together to look at the Demonstration Project on Jordan Shore Drive.  It gave others ideas on how to prevent erosion by adding beauty as well as a buffer.  I’ve noticed a lot of new plantings as I walk about the lake.  Our Canoe and Kayak Day was cold and windy but a group of us went to the Public Beach anyway for a safety demonstration on  kayaking.  It was too rough for any races…maybe next year.

 Linda found some high school boys who continued our project to remove Purple Loosestrife from the lake. More work on removal of this invasive plant must be done.  Please remove any from your property or call and we’ll be happy to help you. (This includes next summer!)

 I continue to sell t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts from my cabin.  Sales have been very good this year.  I have started work on a Tripp Lake throw.  The design is in and all is moving along.  Hopefully, we’ll have it ready by Springtime.

 Our first Bird-a-thon was very successful; participants spotted 51 species of birds in total.  I had the shortest list by far.  It seems that we have some excellent bird watchers on our lake.  Our birders were from the Point, the Island, Jordan shore Drive and Megquier Hill Road.  Next year, we hope to get participants from all over the lake.


Volume 10, Issue 2

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