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By Babs Shapiro

It’s been a busy summer for the TLIA which, throughout the sweltering days, continued with programming, fund-raising and working on Demonstration projects. I want to take this opportunity to thank our board members and supporters who have contributed to the success of our Association. Each has involved him/herself with a particular project and has carried it out to completion. We are being recognized as one the more active, dedicated lake groups in the area and for this I’m truly proud.

Many Demonstration projects didn’t get going until late summer, but once begun, confirmed what a difference they can make. We requested and received an extension so individuals can finish larger projects. We now have until July, 2000, to complete them. (They’re listed elsewhere in this Newsletter.) Group tours are being planned for next summer so we can all appreciate and benefit from the work these folks have done.

It was a hot, dry summer which finally ended in mid-September when Hurricane Floyd hit, depositing 8.1 inches of rain in Poland in a single day (the record in Maine). The storm caught many people unprepared. Docks floated away and boats were swamped. People who were there had to quickly retrieve objects despite the torrential wind and rain. (The water was still warm, thank goodness!) Even birds were grounded: a tiny hummingbird clung to a vine near our kitchen door, for 24 hours, until the winds subsided.

The jet ski issue gained momentum and was brought to a town vote on October 4. Of 225 votes cast, 127 vote Yes, to ban personal watercraft on Tripp Lake and Range Ponds. The final decision, however, will be made in Legislature next year. Again, we thank those who attended the public hearing, spoke up and were heard. Our collective voices did make a difference.

Some lake associations, unable to pass the town vote, have decided to urge their members not to use jet skis. Kezar Lake in Lovell is one…they have also hired a constable to patrol the lake on weekends. It has changed the way people use boats. Fewer people race their boats through the narrows. Water safety courses are planned. Perhaps our group can initiate some of these practices should we not win the final vote.

We gained in membership, surpassing my 1999 goal of 100. The next magic number is 120. If we each know someone that doesn’t yet belong, please tell them what we’re doing and urge them to join.

Donations were received from unexpected sources and we thank our benefactors for their generosity. Reasons were varied. Attempting to ban jet skis was one, seeing the work done at the Public Beach, trying to rid the lake of purple loosestrife and t-shirts and sweatshirts bearing our logo, thereby recognizing the good works done by our members in trying to keep our lake healthy, was another. The challenge of raising matching funds for this Demonstration Project has been stressful…not knowing if we’d reach the $5000(in cash)along with $6000 in in-kind-services. But we are getting there!

Like an avalanche, we’re gaining momentum. Let’s not waiver but continue to protect this valuable resource with ingenuity and diligence.

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