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Warm, hot, hot, warm.

 June, July, August, September.  And now we’re enjoying beautiful warm October days here on Tripp.

 Judy and I thank so many of you for attending to our summer work and play.   Seeing you participate at the Annual Meeting, clearing out debris from ditches and culverts, meeting neighbors and inviting them to join TLIA, cleaning the Public Beach with Howie, cutting Purple Loosestrife plants, checking with the Town’s Code Enforcement officer before building or changing the lay of your land and, especially, thanks for practicing water and soil conservation measures. 

This gives us courage and hope!  And from the fifty plus in the July 4th boat parade to Labor Day goodbyes, I have so enjoyed meeting you!

 Homework so far has been a September Board meeting to review the 2005 summer, to set goals for 2006 and set important dates.  On hearing about a plan to build fifty houses on Johnson Hill Road, (behind Rustic Pizza) I met with CEO Art Dunlop to get information.  I plan to speak with the developer to present our concerns about how it could impact our lake watershed.  

 I also spoke with the new Poland High School teacher, Elaine Fryda,  who wishes to work on a history of Tripp Lake.  This is exciting, so please say “yes” when she asks for assistance in gathering information.  Marion Chesley and Judy King have already given her lots of leads.   Elaine’s e-mail is 

 I also spoke with Michelle Garcia (Poland High School) and her three new senior science students who will do independent studies,  picking topics from our Long Range Management Action Plan.  Already the students and Michelle have spent ½ day aboard John’s pontoon boat making a GPS survey of Purple Loosestrife on Tripp.  They plan on researching ways to eradicate the plant.   Note:  The Board voted to hire two older students to harvest the pesky plants in August ’06.  Anyone interested in helping/ guiding them, please contact me.

 In the Spring I will present our essay contest to Grade four at the Poland Elementary School.  The two winners will be awarded week-long scholarships to the Maine Conservation School in Bryant Pond.  We’ve done this for several years in hopes that it would spark an interest in conservation measures and have been rewarded multifold.  We’ve already heard from this year’s recipients about how much they learned and enjoyed their week at MCS.  (See Award letter elsewhere in this Newsletter).

 I shall be happy to ship you Tripp Lake throws.  They are winners!  Judy King’s “store” is closed from October to May, but these are stored with me.  Thanks to Judy, Dell and Callabash for all your help.

 Have you sent recipes to Judy or me?  Marion Chesley, Sue Barry and Linda Laskey  will be compiling them into a future cookbook, hoping for a 2007 printing.  Please send  us your Camp History sheet when completed.  You can check on some of  its “background” at the Androscoggin County Courthouse (Auburn) by looking up previous deeds/owners.   If you don’t have these sheets, please contact me and I’ll send you one.  This will help our history buffs. 

 Here’s a  “do” list for all of us to consider:

1) Get raffle items donated for next summer’s meeting (July 8).

2) Clip news items, take interesting pictures for our Association Newsletter.  Better yet, write an article!

3) Plan on joining a TLIA committee.

4) Spread the word so all lake roads have 100% membership!

5) Tell us what you think about a particular lake issue.




What a wonderful summer!  My only complaint was that it was way too short.  The Red Hot Mamas (our local Red Hat group) got together for some nice outings.  This year we went to Maurice’s Restaurant for luncheon and to visit the McLaughlin Gardens, lunch in the Old Port and a cruise on Casco Bay; and a final dinner with our husbands at Sedgeley Place in Turner.  Jean Mangini wants the group to become the models for our own nude calendar, but we don’t want to frighten the children and given them reason to place us all in the “home.”


The “old men” met every Wednesday to play poker at different cabins while their wives got together for a night of all-out laughter.  That Linda Laskey is really a very funny lady…her stories are truly entertaining.  We did manage to eat our way to the next dress size with all the goodies provided by the group.

Our first Progressive Dinner party was a success with five couples providing great food and lively conversation.  We started off at my cabin for drinks and appetizers, then off to the Shermans’ where Howie and Terry provided the main course.  Rick Lundstedt and Anna Lyon provided the salad and side dish.  We ended the evening at the Kelly’s where Ruth Desjardins and Ellie Kelly treated us to extremely fattening but sensational desserts.

I want to thank Patty Hutchinson and Pete and Ruth Desjardins for all the work they did to make our Family Picnic a success.  A special “thanks” goes to the Judson’s for letting us use Hemlock Campground for the picnic.  Next year Ron Kaufman has offered us his property, The Birches, on the hill overlooking Jordan Shore Drive and the lake for our picnic.  It will be fun to see the lake from different perspectives.

Please remember that we all need to be diligent in protecting Tripp.  We must be pro-active about runoff and removing Purple Loosestrife from our properties.  Plan to add buffers to your property to absorb runoff before it gets into the lake.   Next year we hope to have a Lake Smart workshop to help design these buffers.   Everyone should know how to protect the lake, keeping it healthy and beautiful for generations to come!


Volume 11, Issue 2

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