Musicians Needed
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Symphony by the Lake?  Tripp jazz ensemble?  A little Night Music?  Wouldnít this be wonderful?

 Howard Sherman and his wife Terri, new camp owners and TLIA members, would like to know if there are others who would like to form a casual music ensemble.  Howard is a violinist and would be interested in playing jazz, country, classical or pop music.  Terri is a pianist and vocalist.  Both play folk guitar.

 Howard is also a music therapist and is interested in organizing a drum circle, great for stress reduction and even energizing.   But mostly, he says, itís lots of fun.

 If you play an instrument, are interested,  and would like to see this new concept get off the ground, please contact Howie or Terri at their home in Marblehead, Ma., Tel: (781) 639-8482 or at their camp (207) 998-8155. 

 Iíll buy the first ticket.     Babs