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Letter from the President

by Babs Shapiro

What a year this has been! We’ve accomplished so much and are ready and determined to do much more. T-shirts, caps, a Yard Sale, Barbecue and ice storm were all on the agenda. Most importantly, Demonstration Project #319 has been approved on all levels. This Grant, which totals almost $75,000, (through 1999) will be used to educate our Watershed dwellers and improve our Watershed. Its approval was based upon our previous Watershed Survey and the enthusiasm and work of our members.

An initial meeting was held on April 2 with Phoebe Hardesty of the Androscoggin Water and Conservation District, Cynthia Kuhns of Land and Watershed Management Associates and myself to discuss the Grant. A Steering Committee was formed which will meet 6-8 times over the next year and a half. Members include Ms. Hardesty, Ms. Kuhns, Karen Hahnel from the DEP, Kay Nichol from the National Resource Conservation Service, a representative from the Town of Poland, and representatives from TLIA who will be Linda Laskey, Ron Getchell and myself for now. Other Lake representatives will be included during the course of the Project. The first Committee meeting (on May 14) will have been held by the time this goes to press; it will have been a general introduction to the Project, its aims and what direction will be taken first.

This year, $14,500 will be received from the State. This will be paid to our Organization in lump sums and our Treasurer, Rick Lundstedt, will be responsible for paying out $17,500 to LWRMA (Scott William’s firm, which will be conducting the Project). Payments will be made every three months or so, as monies and bills and are received. TLIA is responsible for paying the difference, $3,000 in cash this year and $2,000 next. That’s what all our fund-raising is about.

In-kind services (matching debts) will total about $6,000. About half will be due each year. We (all members of the Organization) are instructed to keep track of any and all time(including travel time) and expenses incurred related to this Project. This time is translated into dollars (from $12-13 per hour) and is used toward matching debts. This means any time spent on any fund-raisers, at meetings, rented spaces, publishing Newsletters or improvements to your property (which protect Tripp Lake)are part of repayment. Log your time and keep any receipts from April 2nd on! Someone will serve as collector of your log sheets (we’ll let you know at the Annual meeting) and will submit them quarterly to AVSWCD.

Publicity in the local paper will be provided by Andy Valley as well as direct mailings to everyone in our Watershed. A postcard is enclosed in this Newsletter for your convenience. Check off things that you need help in and return it to us as soon as possible.

Cynthia Kuhns will be at the Annual Meeting and will answer any and all questions. We’re also fortunate to have Kristin Gregory Tardif of Poland Spring Water as a speaker. She’ll tell us about the hydrology of the Lake, loon nests which she’s established and how best to protect our precious resource.

Twenty-five years ago, when our Organization was established, many of our problems didn’t exist, or we weren’t aware of them. Now’s the time to take action. It’s an exciting year for TLIA and I know we can rise to the occasion. [back to top]


The TLIA proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary in 1998. We welcome your ideas and suggestions and greatly value your support.

Volume 4, Issue 1
Editor: Babs Shapiro
Contributor: Rick Lundstedt
Production: John Webber.
Photos: Gae Hinkley, Babs Shapiro
Advertising: Ed Hinkley