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by Susan Barry
Gerry Judson is the newest member of the Tripp Lake Improvement Association Board of Directors.

I talked with Gerry and his wife Tina at The  Hemlocks Campground on a fine, blustery day in October.  When I arrived, Tina was raking leaves to beat the band while Gerry worked another area of the grounds, preparing to close up for the winter.

As we each warmed up with a cup of green tea, Tina told me that some five years ago they decided to buy a business in Maine and would  move here from Westboro, MA., where they owned a rental property business.  They were thinking along the lines of a B&B, but when they saw the campground, they immediately fell in love with it and bought it.  It also serves as their year round home and, though the mile-long driveway can be challenging during the winter (particularly following an ice storm), they truly enjoy the beauty and solitude of the woods and lake during the off-season.  Being able to watch moose, deer, eagles and other wildlife meandering through their neighborhood is a genuine pleasure.

Hemlock’s summer season extends from April through October.  This year forty-two families have left their campers at the Campground for the winter in anticipation of their return next summer.  Many of these folks are retired or semi-retired and there are a number of families with young children.  Gerry and Tina provide a very ambitious summer program for the campers including crafts, dances, a children’s fishing derby, a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day breakfast, Turkey roast and Luau, Carnival Day and a Chinese Auction, just to name a few.

Between November and April, Tina works in Auburn as a nanny/housekeeper for a local doctor while Gerry works in Gray for ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS, INC.   They have two married sons;  one lives in Lake Tahoe, Ca., and the other lives in the Boston area.  Much of Gerry’s family lives in Sanford, including his uncle, Emile Roy, who is George W. Bush’s barber.  So, if you think the President has a bad haircut, just let Gerry know.

Gerry and Tina want you to know that the 2004 Fourth of July Boat Parade, which they’ve been organizing, will begin at 4 p.m., rain or shine.  Also, they are hoping to host the TLIA Annual Picnic at their Campground in August.  Stay tuned for more on that.                    


Peggy Harris, (a.k.a as “Peg”) is our newest Vice-President, following in the footsteps of her husband Dick Harris who served from 1994 until 2002 under former TLIA President Babs Shapiro.

Peggy is an excellent choice.  She and Dick have been an integral part of Tripp Lake for a long time, as Dick was “practically” born here.  While his parents were working, he spent many summers at his grandparent’s camp on Garland Swamp Road.  During those years, Dick’s father bought land around the lake, built camps and sold many of them.  However, the Harris family still owns a number of properties. 

Peggy grew up in the Stow/Fryeburg area and was introduced to the beauty and tranquillity of Tripp Lake in 1964 after she and Dick were married, returning to Maine from Boston where they’d both been working.  She quickly became a willing summer commuter from Portland to their island getaway on Tripp.  Since 1966 they have owned and operated Harris-Evans Associates, an apartment rental business which manages upwards of 500 units ( Evans being Peg’s maiden name.)  In 2002, with retirement foremost on their minds, they sold half of the business to their daughter Julie, but remained on as consultants.  Peg is delighted to be retired, but Dick gets “antsy” so he volunteers as a State Director for the National Association of Investors Corporation and also teaches investment courses. 

Peg and Dick have been TLIA members since 1976.  When asked if the Association has changed much over the years, they said it has remained on course in its commitment to protect the environment of the lake.  Peg also feels that the recent addition of social activities is very favorable to the Association. 

Peggy, with help from a number of long-time property owners around the lake and in Poland, is working on a compilation of Tripp Lake history.  What a wonderful project!  One tidbit that I learned from the Harris’ visit is how “Wolf Cove Inn” got its name.  It’s an interesting story, just one of many that we’ll glean from a history of “our” lake, definitely something to look forward to!