Family Picnic
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 “Bring your family and join in the fun!  Arrive by boat or car!  Bring a picnic lunch, a potluck salad or dessert and lawn chairs!  Soft drinks will be provided!”  These were the recommendations of the Family Picnic Committee and it proved an unqualified success.

Over fifty people showed on Sunday, August 17 at the Tripp Lake Camp from 11:30- 2 p.m. to enjoy a little tennis, basketball, and shmoozing with old friends and new.    It was a perfect day, with rain clouds arriving after the picnic ended.  Our thanks to Judy King, Ellie Kelley, Ruth and Bob Desjardins, Jean Mangini, Gae Hinkley and Terri and Howard Sherman for organizing the event and making everyone feel welcome. 

Standing left to right: Ruth Desjardins, Judy King & Peg Harris

Seated: Gae Hinkley & Claudie Getchell

 It’s hoped to hold another picnic next year at a different location.  Tripp Lake Camp has been most hospitable over the years, but the time frame for scheduling it there is limited.   Perhaps someone can suggest another venue;  if you have an idea, please contact Judy King or Linda Laskey. 


Paula & Richard Smith

Front: Ed Hinkley, John Laskey, George Kelley, Dick Harris & Ron Getchell

David & Ponda Stanhope, George Kelley, Dick & Peg Harris and Ron Getchell

Picnic boats parked at Tripp Lake Camp