30th Annual Meeting
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The thirtieth annual meeting of Tripp Lake Improvement Association was held on Saturday morning, July 12, 2003 with over 50 in attendance. New co-Presidents Judy King and Linda Laskey conducted the meeting with lightness and levity, each reporting on different aspects of their presidencies. Linda also introduced special guests to the group,  State Senator Neria Douglass and State Representative Lois Snowe-Mello.  

Special thanks were given to people who have served the Association in various ways. The original group of men who organized and incorporated TLIA in 1973 were honored.  They were: President James Aikman, Vice-President Lewis Murray, Secretary Charles Rodway, Treasurer Peter Jordan and Board members Ronald Getchell, Donald Goss and Bert Skehan. 

Plaques were awarded to Bud Jordan, retiring head of the Poland Highway Department and to A. Barry MacMillan, retiring Board member.  Bud was honored as having been a true friend of Tripp Lake, by  teaching people about conservation practices and  by being actively involved in maintaining roads, ditches and the Public Beach.  Barry was thanked for her tireless work, especially in sales of TLIA merchandise and for helping on the Long-Range Watershed Management Plan.  Babs Shapiro, former TLIA President, was given the first-ever Lake Environmentalist award which will hereafter be awarded yearly to a deserving member.  “Think Green”  is our theme.


John Laskey, Volunteer Lake Monitor,  gave his State-of-the Lake report in which he reported no great changes in the health of the lake  We are about average as lakes go.  The biggest problem is when oxygen levels at the bottom of the lake reach very low levels towards


the end of the summer.  However, with the advent of cooler weather and wave action, the level returns to normal.  We must remain cognizant of the dangers to the lake from runoff.  Runoff (sand and its attendant phosphorous) can result in  algal blooms.  It’s imperative that people buffer their property with plantings which will absorb runoff before it enters the lake.  Advice and planning of buffers can be obtained by calling Phoebe Hardesty at Androscoggin Valley Soil and Water Conservation District,(207-753-9400) or by calling Dana Littlefield at Shaker Hill Nursery for information re: appropriate shoreline plants. (Note: a 10% discount will be given to members with ID cards.  Call Linda for one).  It was also noted that Scott Williams, aquatic biologist, tested the lake this summer for specifics which John cannot test.


Gerri Tinkham, representing the Subcommittee currently working on the Long-Range Watershed  Management Plan, asked the members to write short answers to questions re: the Plan.  These answers would be part of the recommendations for protecting the lake in years to come. 

Susan Gallo, the “Loon Lady,” was the main speaker,  treating the group to a slide show as well as to fascinating information about the life of loons.  Tripp Lake currently has two or three loon families, and probably can support no more than that.  Introduced by Board member Jacqueline Misenheimer, Ms. Gallo  answered questions following the presentation.  She was speaking as a representative of the Maine Audubon Society and all thoroughly enjoyed hearing her talk.


The annual raffle completed the meeting (winners and prizes listed elsewhere) and the meeting was adjourned before noon.  Next year’s meeting will be held on Saturday, July 10, 2004.


Jacqui Misenheimer introduces speaker Susan Gallo, "The Loon Lady"

Gerri Tinkham asks people to fill out ten minute survey for Tripp Lake's Long-Range Watershed Mgt. Plan.